Graham Dargie
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Hi, I’m Graham Dargie, I’m a professional photographer, photography instructor, writer and speaker from Aberdeen in Scotland. I first picked up an SLR camera in 1995, I’ve been professional photographer since 2005 and I’ve been teaching photography since 2009.

Somehow, through the merging of my personal and professional lives, I’ve found myself leading photography safaris in the Maasai Mara. I never planned for this to happen and I couldn’t have even dreamed of it.

I wrote and taught my first photography class in 2009. One thing lead to another and a few years later I began leading photography tours to Skye. Safari seemed like the next logical step for me. My wife is a Kenyan, I know Kenya well and I’m fortunate to have been on safari a number of times. Over the years I’ve developed a good network in Kenya and in 2017 the Kenya Tourism Board recognized me as a Kenya Champion due to my passion for the country as a destination.

I’ve learned how to run a successful class or tour. Small group sizes are guaranteed (5 maximum). In a small group, everyone gets the attention they need and nobody gets lost in the shuffle. Amazing locations will inspire you to raise the level of your photography. Great accommodation and hospitality glue the whole thing together and make the times between photos comfortable and relaxing.

If groups aren’t for you then ask me about a 1-to-1 day or a private guided tour.

Everything I do is rooted in my personal values (see below) and you can read what my previous guests have to say in the reviews section. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Graham Dargie.


“I first picked up a camera in 1995, turned professional in 2005 and have been teaching photography since 2009. I've had an extensive career as a commercial photographer and I'm used to working with all kinds of people. Read what my previous clients have to say in the Reviews section.”




“I meet you where you’re at, not making any assumptions or taking anything for granted. It’s a safe learning environment and you can try new things without pressure or judgement.”



“Guaranteed small group sizes, world class locations, wonderful hospitality and expert tuition all add up to ensure you’ll have a great experience.”



“I believe in treating everyone with respect, dignity and kindness. I don’t withhold anything and nobody should leave feeling they didn’t get what they came for.”