PhotoStory: Pride of Nine Lions. Maasai Mara Photography Safari.


“There!”, I blurted out, as the first lion broke from the cover of the grass and walked onto the road in in front of the Land Cruiser.

One-by-one the group followed and began to head straight for us. Ken stopped the safari vehicle and we all stood, almost in reverence to the royal procession that headed our way. With our heads and cameras clear out of the open roof of the Toyota the group zoomed, focussed and clicked as the pride approached our position. Big cats, lions in particular, exude a sense of calmness in their natural habitat. They are kings and queens here and they know it. The pride didn’t break stride, or even give us more than a passing glance, as the strolled past our open-sided vehicle, mere inches from our reach.

This part of the Maasai Mara is a great location for a photography safari as there are some large prides in the area. Sometimes when tell this story of how close this encounter was I can see that people think I’m exaggerating - that’s why I always show this video:


I’ll always remember this day as the best Monday morning ever. Our group enjoyed an extended game drive which included a bush breakfast under an acacia tree as well as sightings of elephants, a huge troop of baboons and a lone leopard. It was immediately after breakfast, just a few hundred yards from where we had been sitting, that we ran into this group of lions; an experience which left all of our hearts racing!

Graham DargieComment