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Dunnottar Castle Landscape Processing in Lightroom and Photoshop

This week’s Teachable Moment takes a look at how I process an image from a landscape shoot at Dunnottar Castle using Lightroom for the bulk of the work and Photoshop to swap the sky.

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Teachable Moment - Waterfall Photography Technique

Any time we see a waterfall, something deep inside us calls upon us to reach for our cameras. For some reason, freezing the movement of the water isn’t as satisfying as recording it as a nice, smooth blur. So, how do we do it?

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Teachable Moment - Auto Focus Modes in DSLR Photography

Autofocus is a great feature that we all rely on in our photography. When it’s set up correctly, AF will intuitively allow you to just get on with your photography and you’ll barely notice it’s there. If., however, it’s not in the right mode for they kind of photography you’re doing, AF can seem like it’s working against you. 

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