Teachable Moment - Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts


This week’s Teachable Moment looks at keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Lightroom, specifically for the Library module.

Keyboard shortcuts can really speed up your workflow in Lightroom. The video also acts as a glimpse at how I filter a batch of photos down to a handful of favourites.

I’ve copied a list of the shortcuts used in this video below.

Change the size of the thumbnails images by using the Plus or Minus Keys

Enter Loupe view - see a large version of the photo while remaining in the Library module - E

Go back to Grid view - G

Flag a photo as a Pick - P

Flag a photo as a reject - X

Delete rejected photos - Command + Delete

Remove flag - U

Add a Star Rating - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Survey View - select a few phots and see them together - N

Compare 2 photo - select both and press - C

View photo Info - I

Open Photo in Develop Module - D

I hope this helps - let me know what you think in the comments below. Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel and share this with your photography friends if you found it helpful.

With gratitude…

Graham Dargie.