PhotoStory: Callanish Stones, Isle of Lewis


This was a long day. I left home at 5am, drove coast-to-coast and was on the Cal Mac ferry from Ullapool to Stornaway by 9 o’clock. Arriving in Lewis I drove straight to my first location, the Callanish Stones.

This ancient stone circle, said to have stood for 5000 (yes, five thousand!) years has the eerie atmosphere you’d expect. Also in the atmosphere was a blanket of grey cloud and just the right amount of rain to send photographer back to the car every 10 minutes or so. I dodged the showers for the duration of the afternoon and did my best to be considerate to the drizzle of tourists who came and went. I battled away like this for some time, scouting out my favourite angles, hoping and wishing that the sun would break through sooner or later. Eventually, briefly, it did and I quickly grabbed the shot above. That little bit of light brought the stones to life they nicely against the dark sky behind.