Waterfall Photography Guide in the P&J

Recently I was asked to write a waterfall photography location guide for the Press & Journal, the local paper here in Aberdeen. Whenever a photographer sees a waterfall we know we MUST photograph it!

If you didn’t see the article, the takeaways are:

  • Aim for a shutter speed of 1-2 seconds

  • Use ND filters if you have to

  • Take a few moments to steady your tripod

  • Lock up the mirror inside your camera (if your camera is a DSLR)

  • Use a remote release or self-timer

As always, make the equipment work for you. Shoot in Manual if you can but if not then try Shutter Priority mode. Use a tripod or, if you don’t have one, try to steady the camera on a rock or fence or whatever is available!

It was great to another article in the P&J. Thanks to them for the feature and thanks to Debbie Rennie at Innes Associates for helping to make this happen. GD.

Graham DargieComment