Location to Lightroom, Rattray Head Lighthouse


I recently had a spectacular visit to one of Aberdeenshire’s best coastal locations, Rattray Head Lighthouse.

It’s over an hour’s drive from my home to the location and that meant a 3:20am alarm to get there before sunrise at 5:30. Is it really worth going through all that to get a couple of photographs? Watch this week’s episode to find out and stick with it to the end of the video to see how I edited my favourite shot from the day.

On this shoot I used my cat-like Nikon D810 (it has 9 lives), Nikon 24-105mm lens, Manfrotto tripod, Hoya polarising filter and Lee Filters Little Stopper 6 Stop ND Filter and my trusty old B&W 10 Stop ND Filter.

It was a productive visit to a fantastic location which developed beautifully though the shoot and if you’re in the area I highly recommend you make the trip.

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With gratitude…

Graham Dargie.